Sanbot is a cognitive humanoid robot, used for customer-oriented services in sectors such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, education and security. Sanbot is a catalyst in service innovation and productivity in mainstream enterprises. The technology is designed, prepared and deployed with commercial logic to enable cognitive interactions with your customers and your business systems. You can harness the power Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Learning capabilities to deliver a richer and smarter services that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

Give your business the edge and talk with our pre-deployment technologists to gather the experience you want to give your clients. We'll help you build a a complete commercially ready Sanbot.

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Sanbot will usher your shop, showroom or car dealership into the future. Sanbot will attract many shoppers, answer their questions, and increase the popularity of your business. A retail store can customize Sanbot to fit their needs. The playful robot can greet customers, guide them through the store, and help them shop using images, text, audio, video, and more.





Sanbot does not need sleep and has an amazing memory. This allows Sanbot to monitor patients 24/7 and record medical records that can help doctors diagnose patients more easily. Thanks to Sanbot’s sensitive cameras and HD cameras, Sanbot can also avoid obstacles and help guide patients in any environment.





Sanbot is the perfect robot for attracting more foot traffic to your restaurant and will give the diners an incredible experience. Sanbot can show diners to their seats and suggest items from the menu without any interruption.





We have developed a vast array of Apps that enable Sanbot to become a Robot Teacher. Children absolutely adore Sanbot and love being taught by this incredible Robot.