OnshoringTM is an Australian owned company that is a market disrupter of outsourced admin and accounting services to overseas providers. We are a marriage of technology and accounting and keen listeners of Australian business owners, CEO's and CFO's who command high expectation. We make no apologies in our proposition of "keeping things local" and do so with cost efficiency while delivering on skill, effective communication and results. Backing this is our investments in automation IP which we leverage to compete and nullify offshore cost factors. Through OnshoringTM business leaders can be rest assured their admin and accounting is well managed, giving them the freedom to concentrate on revenue generating activities, occasionally checking in on us for their financial analysis.



Core to our vision and mission statements is our support of CFO's and CEO's. We are all measured by results and "good data in means great data out", and a true measurement of all a good financial accounting departments is its ability to comfortably closes off the month quickly based on accurate information. Reporting is a fundamental aspect of a CFO's tenure, and board members turn to them for business insights and financial viability. Here OnshoringTM is committed to excellence and treats each aspect of accounting with the utmost respect knowing the ultimate goal is to report on data that is accurate, relevant and accessible. Whether the data is generated from a ledger or inventory, whether its a PO, sales order, invoice, delivery document, credit claim, remittance, adjustment etc we are committed to its accuracy from its inception all the way down to management reporting. 


Accounts Payable

We provide a highly automated process that incorporate your business hierarchy, rules, condition and logic which is available to you instantly while being fully managed by OnshoringTM.

Capture - PO, Delivery Doc, Invoice, Statement:

  • Capture from Scanner, Email or FTP
  • Captured invoice data is exported to your financial accounting system immediately (Or you can request a flat file).
  • Delivery doc are also capture for future document matching

Approval Management - PO, Delivery Doc, Invoice, Statement:

  • Captured invoiced & statement are reconciled. 
  • PO, Delivery doc, and invoice/ statement are all matched as part of the evidence based approval process. 
  • Invoice are moved to a progressive approval workflow based on due date, payment terms, business logic.
  • Invoice are handled in stages to give you flexibility based on cashflow. 


Accounts Receivables

Our accounts receivable service enables you to deal with key finance functions that impact cash flow, and are essential for maintaining a strong and vibrant business. We help clients take control on every account with consistent follow-up on outstanding invoices, and extensive reporting on account activity, our Accounts Receivable Services facilitate quicker payments and improved cash flow. We customize this service by giving flexible options to outsource all or part of your accounts receivable.

  • Sales Order Conversion
  • Invoice Generation and Sending 
  • Record and account for revenue
  • Entering receivable transactions into the accounting system
  • Preparing and delivering periodic statements
  • Issuing of credit memos and refund checks approved by the customer
  • Maintaining subsidiary receivables ledger
  • Carrying out process adjustments approved by the customer
  • Applying credit received to accounts that short pay and manage remaining collections
  • Preparing accounts receivable reports
  • Accounts receivable deductions management (A/R deductions management) 


Payroll Processing

We provide a high-quality and proficient, common sense and practical (Think on your feet) payroll services. Our services includes comprehensive payroll accounting, tax administration and reporting services. Our comprehensive service gives you access to a convenient and reliable payroll process. It involves tedious routine work. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on growing your business.

  • Time and attendance management
  • Detailed summary report to you on payroll day
  • Payroll approval with ABA file
  • Employee superannuation (Direct payment set or through you desired clearing house)
  • Employee management and deductions (Child support, Salary Sacrifice, Direct loan payments etc.)
  • Payroll tax monitoring and reports
  • Summary and Group Certificate Publishing
  • Check processing and delivery


General Accounting and Bookkeeping 

OnshoringTM is focused on reducing the finance and accounting costs of our clients by helping them with their management, accounting and tax preparation needs. 

  • General Accounting and Bookkeeping Services - Preparation and maintenance of day-to-day bookkeeping and monthly or quarterly accounts, where we act as your accounting bookkeeper. Our experts utilize popular Bookkeeping and Accounting Software platforms. 
  •  Preparation of Financial Statements - Preparation of annual accounts for the statutory annual audit. Our services include: 
    • Financial Reports 
    • Financial Statement Preparation 
    • Sales Order Management 
    • Financial Write-up Services 
    • Accounts Reconciliation 
    • Invoice/Order Processing 
    • Cash Forecasting 
    • Fixed Assets Management 
    • Financial Budgeting 
    • University Accounting Services 
  • Preparation of Tax Returns - Preparation of periodic tax, sales tax, and other returns. We also facilitate everything from tax processing and planning to the filing, including tax returns preparation, up-to-date sales tax, quarterly returns, and multiple filings based on State, County or Cities. 
  • Payroll Services - Preparation of salary statements of employees, calculation of bonus payments, and administering of commissions. We offer tailor-made payroll accounting services to firms of all sizes and ensure that you never miss a tax compliance deadline once you outsource payroll processing/payroll administration services. 
  • Cash Forecasting Services - Analysis of the cash requirements of the business and forecasting cash requirements.